A few days ago a sweet friend said, “I share way too much.” This made me say, “I don’t think we share enough!” There is such a stigma with sharing things “too personal” with other people.

I think we have this idea if we share what we actually think and feel others will think less of me. Or I will look like a horrible person. Or maybe I’m the only one who feels this way. In reality, I think more people think and feel the way I do than I realize. I think that many people have had similar struggles but we never talk about that stuff. We are programmed to say, “I’m ok, everything is fine”- even though everything might not be fine. 

Do I believe in complaining just to complain all the time… Nope! Do I think our frame of mind makes a difference in how we view things…Yes! If I am constantly dwelling on negative things then it is easy for me to not notice many positive things in my life. Do we all have times when the negatives seem to ‘outshine’ the positives? Yes! I really believe in counting your blessings on a daily basis. We are so much to be grateful for. This doesn’t mean that we don’t struggle or have hard times. 

The past 10 months have been a huge low in my life. PPD ruled my life, even though I didn’t tell hardly anyone how I was really feeling. I really believed my friends and family would think pretty poorly of me. Plus I didn’t want the sympathy. Thankfully, I am mostly out of it and feel so much better and happier- like me again. The one thing I decided to do was to share with others, if asked, that I have been struggling with post-partum depression. I found out that many others went through it as well. Something I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t say anything. Now I wonder if I could have helped someone else if I would have shared more of my feelings instead of keeping them to myself.

There are some who may share too much in the wrong setting. But I think in general we should share more. It feels embarrassing to share that you don’t have it all together or figured out. It can feel like you are a failure but guess what?? You are probably in good company. 

Now that I am a parent and an adult (which makes me giggle to say) I realize that all those adults I thought had life figured out, more than likely didn’t. Aren’t we all just faking it till we make it? Well at least I know I am! I have no clue what I am doing 90% of the time. 
Maybe we should all just get a little more “real” with one another. When I ask you how you are- I genuinely want to know! So if you are having a hard time, I am here to listen. If you are having a wonderful day, I am here to listen to that as well. In this rushed and busy life, maybe take a few moments to listen and share with others. You never know what it might mean to the other person.

I just love this saying! I keep trying for the elusive ducks in a row, but I am beginning to think it is just an illusion.


One thought on “Shhh!

  1. I agree that we should share more of our struggles with others, but to do so can leave us feeing vulnerable if the response is trite, patronizing, or somehow inappropriate. I know when I’m really struggling it can feel like taking that risk could make things much worse. So I don’t often go there.

    I’m sorry you’ve been struggling, and I’m even more sorry I didn’t see it or reach out to help. I’ve had my own battle with depression that lasted quite a few years. Thankfully I’m back, but now I have to rebuild my life, having been fairly “shut down” for so long.

    I really appreciate your blog posts, though I don’t think I’ve seen them all. I always gain something from having read them. Thank you. 🙂

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